Thursday, July 21, 2011

Prison Alert

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Early Signs Of Starvation

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California Prisons , Pelican Bay Hunger Strike , Prison Hunger Strike , Solitary Confinement , Los Angeles News

Inmates in a third of California's prisons are conducting a hunger strike in protest of solitary confinement policy. Recent reports show that many inmates, who are in their third week of the strike, have shown dramatic weight loss and are collapsing from starvation, reports the Los Angeles Times.

But God hath commended his love toward us, in that while we were yet sinners Christ died for us Roman 5:8

-I was logging into my AOL mail account when I saw this article, just in time as I’d decided earlier this morning to again comment on this astonishing event. I was standing over the sink earlier, the spouse and I had just finished a nearly two hour walk, thus I was getting ready to fix breakfast. I begin to ask myself, what if all people of every walk of life where treated as especially as we treat children nationally and internationally? Particularly when it come to education centers, how we’re determined that they have an anti-drug, anti-violence and a well-mannered environment as is possible. That even in our churches is this virtuous mood, as so in the home, every place that’s to have influence over the overall mental and thus physical health of the children must be exceptionally safe.
-What if prisons and prisoners were treated with the same amount of decency and over all care as with school children. We’ve been locking lawbreakers away and even executing certain ones for hundreds of years only to reap a disturbing condemnation sown. Now all we’ve achieved is penal complexes which are all the more crude, so boorish and demoralizing offenders are entering into a malicious, vindictive University of bloodshed, rape and manslaughter. Though what if more efforts were made to as children schools, to bring these prisoners into an anti-drug, anti-gang violence, simply an incorruptible confinement. I know there’s talk of insurmountable cruelty, suspicion and dishonesty, especially among the prison guards themselves, but what if these manners of efforts where made no less.
-My granddaughter called me a few days ago crying on the phone, her uncle-in-law had been robbed at gun-point and shot twice in the head. It was the most shocking thing, like it wasn’t real but an episode of Law and Order or various other such the like shows this nation is mesmerized by, though this was the reality show of it all. Rumor is his killer was found a day or so later at a church, said he was crying, if only he’d found the one by Christ’s cross in our knees, even on the tip of our tongue blood redemption before he pulled the trigger. Before he decided this man eternal faith, no, possibly mimicking some dehumanized local gang member, or some character in a rap song. Even or more so some character on the television screen, it even could’ve been some initiation thing or turf war, any or all of these nefarious practices. as Jesus made it clear how impregnable by a sinful heart mankind is provoked by the evils of this world for profit, bringing wicked devices to pass.
-The phenomena scripture above remind us how God hath commended his love toward us, meaning mankind that while we’re yet sinners, while we’re caught up and tangled into abominations unthinkable Jesus Christ has paid blood, death penalty for our sins, truly if only w repent. Though why, why is God so merciful, when the man made in his imagine is nothing but, clearly it’s because God knows something mankind simply refuse to believe. God know mankind of every nation, kingdom, era and generation is ever bedeviled by a satanic, demonic world system seeking on every hand, within every opportunity, along every formation, social, political, scientific and technical it is all with purpose to steal, kill and destroy mankind not only from this earth, but from the second, new earth, and heaven to come.
-There’s at present much animosity even violently directed at the woman as she’s blamed for the first Adam fall. Adam himself replied to God discovering this greatest trespass by replying, this woman that you gave me. Only the curse of death was set against the woman’s seed, but that of the man, Adam why? Because he too had sinned, he too had disobeyed, you see you not suppose to understand this truth, how God punished each of them individually as they’d all transgressed against him. Thus a curse of death emerged, one that would remain until the promise of the woman seed, Jesus Christ, would be fulfilled, that whosoever believeth in Him wouldn’t perish but would have immortal life. Truly who besides the righteousness of God is to know, that the more you treat human’s with divine humanity (Christ Cross), the more they’re to perform themselves humanly.
-Evidently demoralization begets demoralization, violence, brutality, and forcefulness, corruption begets corruption. What percentage of prisoners are truly rehabilitated to the point they’re convinced inhumanity and injustice to their fellowman is the dead end street as we’re all intertwined as one mankind? Though how can they be human-being when they’re surrounded, twenty-four hours a day by a hostile, ill-mannered and troublesome spirits defined as entertainment provoking them, especially our children into heinous acts. Mankind is born problematical, they’re bred by a convoluted system of baneful networking, even the failing home structure unto tortuous detention centers wherein is deliverance? Wherein is the compassion by which a Supreme God healed a cursed mankind, and by which a healed mankind, church of Jesus Christ evangelizes in all likeness, the way of unconditional love, this inflexible wailing wall?
-When my son Darius Nigel was only six years old, the Holy Spirits while I was in my closet, kneeling, praying for their behalf. They spoke to me, like they often do, having promise to come in and sup with us and us with them, what they related to this young in the faith Apostle. Well what was said, actually forewarn was the more we allow cablevision, clearly the evil networking of greedy, dangerous men of lackadaisical, even immoral manipulation. How the more we allow these soulless, hollow, even heartless visual aids, these alternate lessons and hazardous instructions so easily into the home it would be like putting a gun to our children head and pulling the trigger. This meant a time would come that the insurmountable forsaking of God’s sound doctrines, (light of life), of His holy, divine word and especially His form righteousness would give place and residency to what is now become very apparent a totally and gutturally lost generation, beginning with his, my son Darius generation .
-This was proven to a certain extent about ten years ago, I was watching a talk show that featured a young black male who bore an astonishing report. If you all remember, before the Bush administration went to war, many especially black parents were terrified at the ideal of a draft, that so many of especially their sons would be carted off to war, dying for oil. Though the staggering statistic this gentlemen brought to bear was the astonishing fact some twenty-thousand black males had perished do to gun violence in this nation of America. This shocking death toll was compared to about three to four thousand which had died in or doing the Iraq war. This mean literally three forth of the sons lost on America’s street would’ve been more safe doing a tour of duty in Iraq doing a war. They’ve been stripped of God, of the will, heart and righteousness of God, they have lost any and all regard for human life. Devoid they are of any righteous morals meaning, they’re defenseless against the greatest bedeviling, of demonization of mankind ever, or ever to be again.
-So much so, with every stroke of this keyboard America’s youth alone fulfill in totality what is described in Holy Scripture as an end time outbreak of youth who’re ever, even happily, anti-Jesus Christ. Without controversy this was the forewarning given this mother of two sons in the late eighties, how with much disregard at allowing all kind of seducing spirits by way of dangerous form of visual aids (Satellite TV, video games and now the internet). Just as so with these gravely spirits of seduction on a regular basis having their free course in especially our homes would all one day be the death (end) of not only our children, but the family structure as an entire. To be clear without Christ Jesus (sound doctrine) as our head, as their, our children, there is nothing left to us, to mankind but envy, jealously and strife, there is then confusion, and every evil work. This where Holy Spirit explain confusion means to be without a righteous head, Jesus the Christ is the only righteous head as he admonishes us to love God, and serve Him accordingly.
-It’s true like the word of God, the ministers and messages of the alter of God, right into the throne, the mercy seat you have to believe in evil. You have to believe in a world of demonic possession and satanic oppression in order to comprehend the forewarning Holy Spirits were, is even at present giving me. America is a world system that has greatly forsaken God, that even as I write and you read various law and mandates are being drafted that godliness is to have less and less decision making in the lives of His people, the more this world abandoned the righteousness of God, the more anti-Christ and inhuman, the more barbaric, cold-blooded and thus brutal it, they, our children become. I know great minds with impressive genius are right now trying to figure why Americas most of all, the home of the brave, and the land of free are, have always been, and are becoming more and more a ruthless, heartless mob of dissidents. They can’t figure it, and never will they figure it until they comprehend a destined with wickedness heart, lead about without God, (the cross of Jesus Christ, that we be not conformed to this errant world, but transformed by the renewing of the old mind, unto a blessed mind of Christ.
-I will end this post with this striking revelation, standing over my sink last Saturday the Holy Spirit spoke to me and declared, God doesn’t like church people. This dislike is to be interpreted displeased, how He is gravely dissatisfied with church people, they think they’re rich, that they’re increased with good, that being holy and acceptable unto God, they have no needed, not realizing they make up a large percentage of the lost. That is where we hear the Lord Savior Jesus Christ crying aloud to the religious leaders, how they worship God with their mouth but their heart is far from Him. Equally how they search the scriptures, (churches, congregations and preachers preaching) thinking in them they have life, but they won’t come, surrender themselves to this Holy Lord that they may indeed have life. This made aware of God’s dejection of church people, is no different than the Christ lord sizing up the seven churches of Asia Minor and finding the things of man, even Satan’s seat at worshipping gain for godliness they’d lost God.
-This prison system in this nation by this remarkable hunger strike is given opportunity to corrupt a great injustice and inhumanity to make. Though are they too prick like, to arrogant and rebellious to right this heinous wrong, the people of the prophet Ezekiel where guilty of being convinced God had taken himself out of the personal affairs of man. They know as those crying aloud how God saw them not, how God was ascended from the earth, from the affairs, not realizing God’s form of righteousness is the affairs of mankind, taking on human flesh, he having no sin, the sins man that not one of His perish. The very fact that mankind unendingly and perilously reap every corruption sown is proof positive God is sorely ingrained and grafted into the everyday affairs of his people He as always has heard their cry, He as always has chosen a delivery date, just to see he await you, whether you’re to sacrifice or mercy. Be ye perfect as your father in heaven is perfect from which every good gift, and perfect gift descend.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).

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Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

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Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

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