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One Flesh Married

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     Dutchsinse is the word I woke with, though it's been a while, I know him as one who has a youtube channel. A special one where he share sometimes live footage of national to international earthquakes to volcano activity.
 Remember the dream about the setting of fuel canister all in a ring, a circle, is basically the same warning, as so the pundit, of 99 bowls of molten lava, as so the question here lately, whether a Yellowstone eruption or an Asian invasion will come first?The song from Color Purple clearly says, God is trying to tell you something, master disaster is come, see here,
For The Great Day Of His Wrath Is Come
     -Le Pen is right, Muslim migration into it's soon world rule is what made the Hussein Obama two weeks and seven years administration 2008-2015, possible, with only Jesus' Millennium to follow, meaning Trump's is a short lived Truexit. There is a reason doing my parables, 1986, all rooted and grounded in bible prophecy, that though I knew nothing of the Mayan 2012, prophecy, because of mammoth disasters again these parables I evacuated the world over into a New Africa. Evenly that one once proposed by a Col. Gaddafi, to be realized either by 2017, the Brides rapture, or 2024, Jesus and the Bride's return, (a voice, "mark 17 and 7," 2003), coincidence? All realized, again the Beast of Beauty parables, wr. 1986-2016, Apb, by the year of 2012, see more here,
     -Only realizing here recently, by a surreal reveal, how the whole of westernized civilization being evacuated by 2012, (see what should've been the Obama's Administration), would've been the fulfillment of the Mayan Calendar, meaning you all are what? Five years late, what are you waiting on? Those who can afford it get Jesus, get yours and get out, because of sexual abnormalities far beyond pedophile priest and rings, and it's abominable legalization God is going to bring America, into the entirety of the Western world to dust, whose fan is in Jesus' wrathful hand, see Ps. 2. Remember from whence America has fallen, God's glory, return, repent and escape, Apb, The RAM! See Eze. 4, Dan. 2 and Matthew 24

Dreams, Earthquakes and Storms In The Links Prophecy

-There’s something about the word NEO, the event, even forewarning, Near Earth Object on the map 09/11/98/, 2001, 08/05/2011
(A Voice Declaring: “Asteroid!” “Destroy Wisconsin!” 2001) the fall of peace and safety continuously on the map 08/05/2011
-There’s something about the heavens parting like a scroll when it is rolled together, catastrophe dangers from the heavens mightily on the map 08/05/2011

One Flesh(Married) 08/14/2011

“Yeah, but we always understood casual sex was good for you, non-sense, if it’s not of God, then there’s no way it’s ----good, ---for ---well you know,” seeing all those in the listening distance of his voice were surprised of his response and equally displeased, did Soledad Maurice vaguely reconsider. “So you’re saying God didn’t create causal sex, yes, --no, just don’t confuse that being good to you as being good for you.” “ Any way, God created a couple, a married couple, that all mankind which is born there from, were born married, born to become a married couple.” “We’re not talking about men and women laying and sleeping with whoever and whatever is to please them, that’s until they find this single one they’re to make an oath lasting a few years or so, leaving all manner of broken hearts, spirits, and aborted, unwanted children and single homes in its midst.” “No, there’s this one person they’re to vow themselves to for life, watch this,” as one turning toward her, Kassel Berlyn, astonishing her, them all, taking her hand, at readying her, her kneeling to her, to them all. “I Soledad Maurice, I am a man, and I fully understand the vows I’m about to take, I Soledad Maurice, being of a sound heart and mind, standing before many a witness and the Supreme Heavenly Host do take thee Kassel Berlyn to be my, ---ok ok, ok, we get it. Get what?” “Let me finish and Kassle and I will be married in every divine sense, and for unbelievers, non-sense of these astonishing vows.” “Just like that, yes, just like that, let me see, you’re deeming laying with whomever, whenever, without any consequences, or responsibility whatsoever is more acceptable to the Supreme Creator/Father.” “Make that more sensible than finding a very available mate, a very cherished one, of the opposite sex I may add, herein swearing out vows, those just as acceptable to the Supreme Father as the Lord’s prayers more questionable than your bouts of whoredom?” “You, you was going do it, and you, you was going to let him, well Sole and I are engaged, yeah but do you believe in what he more than said, but enacted, right here, in front of us all?” “Yes, there’s nothing standing in our way but fear instead of faith, but tradition, ---who is man, but fallen from God’s grace in plain sight of a redeemer they’ve completely forsaken.” “You forget Missy, I’ve known you all my life, and Kas you’ve never been religious, you’ve never even believed there was a God, your entire house.” “Well Lindy, apparently ones belief can change, if not the Supreme Christ came and died in vain, well I just don’t believe it, why shouldn’t a person explore?” “We’re not Lindy talking about a simple game of exploration, but one of life and death, any way history has more than proven your sex organs are as well reproduction organs, and the blood, heart therein wells of emotions and most uncontrollable sentiments and passions.” “Look, as one getting uneasily and roughly into Soledad Maurice face, he wasn’t a part of their group nor would he ever be. “I don’t know you and I hate you, and I’m sure we all feel that way, and just so you know only my family and friends call me Lindy.” “Of course Lindsay you don’t like me, you’re anti-Christ, that mean we’re like oil and water, we just can’t mix, ---what did, come on Carter honey I want something to drink, eat, if I want to know about religion I’ll go to church, they crucified Jesus Christ, they should know how to help you avoid him.” “Man you are a real creep,” angrily, even violently getting into Soledad face that he’s to challenge him, even encourage him into a fight. “Come on Carter man, this isn’t worth it, he’s not worth it, Jesus freaks are never worth it.” “He’s right Carter man, I’m not worth it, I can’t fight you, you shouldn’t fight me, I’m sorry, I, just enjoy your party, ---look can we just get out of here.” “These are my friends,” as one whispering a meticulous word of discontent at appearing as one torn between two lovers, was Kassle Berlyn not at all surprise he’d responded this way. “We only just got here, now how about something to drink instead, eat, yeah, sure, look I’m sorry about all of that, just forget it, sometimes things like that just blurt themselves out.” “Lying everything else aside I’m Sole still thinking about the near vows, how we could be more than married by now.” “I love you,” as one right there in flaming upsets still landing him the most direct, truly enticing to every fiber of being admired, this dramatic by her, by anyone kiss at spinning his thoughts into intimate evaluations through and through. “Wow, that was, was, it was just to say I love you, in ways and promises Sole I’m literally mystified at admitting or expressing.” ‘I do love you, yes right here in front of them all, I do want to spend the rest of this lifetime with you, I can’t wait to marry you, I Kassle Berlyn I’m not a child, I’m a woman, I fully understand the vows I’m about to take, ---Kas----shhhhhh.” “I Kassle Berlyn standing before a many witness and the Supreme Heavenly host do take thee Soledad Maurice to be my legally avowed husband to have and to hold from this day forward until the rest of my life.” “ I will love, you are this love. My husband and co-equal, thy avowed wife, my avowed husband.” “Don’t look so shocked,” granting him a kiss to a mouth once gapped open with awe, he never thought she would do it, and in front of all these harden hearted friends of hers. To say he was astonished, he was flabbergasted, as most of those in witnessing this astonishing event were. “I only finished what you started, now I’m your wife right?” Seeing he’s to with teary eyes of amazement grab her, at fitting her so remarkably about his neck, was it all too heart-pumping, too moving to be disturbing or out of sorts.

That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM). In order to give to this work, to Apostle Bradford, I can’t tell you how much I need your support, you can now by way of send donations by way of email to thanks and may the supreme truly award you accordingly, Apb, The RAM…

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Seen to be seeing us in an earthquake, surrounded by earthquake damage, seen to be panic all around...03/04/2011
Seen To Be Seeing an explosive light, A Voice Declaring Japan, Japan under an explosive light on the map 12/26/2011
There's something about New York, about New York and a head wound, a violent blow to the head on the map 03/12/2011
There's something about H1N1, bird flu or outbreaks again on the map 03/12/2011

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Sandy Pattie, there’s something about Sandy Pattie single, ‘We Shall Behold Him! Sandy Patty single ‘We Shall Be Hold Him, remarkably on the map 08/14/2011

For they say the Lord seeth us not, the lord is ascended from the earth Eze. 8:12. That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers from the burning, (Ezekiel 1:4,27; 8:2), take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry (RAM).
Jeremiah’s Lamentation 4:4-6

The tongue of the sucking child cleaveth to the roof of his mouth for thirst: the young children ask bread, and no man breaketh it unto them. They that did feed delicately are desolate in the streets: they that were brought up in scarlet embrace dunghills. For the punishment of the iniquity of the daughter of my people is greater than the punishment of the sin of Sodom, that was overthrown as in a moment, and no hands stayed on her.

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: Selah: How Great Thou Art

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, and get us the Victory

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For Love

-This Apostle of Jesus Christ have been ministrying the testmonies of Jesus Christ on line for nearly twenty years without one internet donation to speak of. I know it's not easy, going to and creating an account just to be able to give, but you're talking about a ministry whose Christ went to a rugged cross. He did this so that mankind would have a choice between life immortal and immortal death. Immortal death mankind is automatically born to, but immortal life is only available to those who believe God's Christ Jesus, and wholeheartedly receive Him, defined in biblical scripture as being born again.
-I know the mast majority of you don't know me, but you know my heart, you know it's spilled constantly toward the heart of God for his people that none perish. I'm right now trying to raise a thousand dollars for genuine expenses before this month of July expires, don't write this request off convinced others will do it for you. I, this Apostle is asking for your help, I can't receive any donation from you except through to, remember when you do it unto God's anointed, you're doing it unto this Holy Lord. Remember this is the request I make of you, not that you sacrifice your finances so, but that you cast off all fear, unbelief, pride and forgive, give as you ought. Apb, The RAM...

Silence, Maaseiah

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-A Voice Declaring: “The tallest building in the world, there’s something about the tallest building in the world, 07/23/2011 (see the world's tallest structure is the 828 m (2,717 ft) tall Burj Khalifa in Dubai, United Arab Emirates. The building gained the official title of "Tallest Building in the World" at its opening on 4 January 2010. It is taller than any other man-made structure ever built. )
-There’s something About giving warning regarding the number 237, my 237th prophecy link 2002 is a forewarning regarding Italy, the nation of Italy on the map, (see also 236, There’s something about Spain 2002) 07/23/2011
-Seen to be looking into a dream, a vision, seen to be seeing the number 23, the number twenty-three on the map, my twenty-third prophecy link 2001 is something about San Francisco, something about San Francisco is on the map 07/22/2011 There's something about giving warning, about the number 788, my 788th prophecy link, the song, don't let the green grass (sunshine) fool you, on the map, immense trials and tribulations ignored by man, persistently on the map 06/19/2011 -Seen to be looking into a Red Alert, a red alert that’s spreading across the land, A Voice Declaring: Volcano, dangers and disasters surrounding Volcanoes’ frightfully on the map 07/19/2011

And There Was Silence In Heaven 07/25/2011

Silence: Arise Sioux Noel Deburk,

And When He Hath Open The Sixth Seal 07/26/2011

-“Well what May is actually saying is while the science departments and observatories worldwide are trying to figure what triggered cataclysmic disasters earth wide gone wild, even this Elenin, she believe we’re looking at.” “No make that we’re looking into, what’s to remain of Satan and his minions once Michael and the Holy angels warring against them evict them from their high places in heaven.” “Remember the forewarning given regarding this astonishing event?” ‘Woe unto the inhabiters of the earth and of the sea! For the devil is come down unto you, having great wrath because he knoweth that he hath but a short time, this forewarning no doubt include all those who worship him.” “So how will this change Satan, his horde of fallen angels?” “Up there Hain, in those high places he was as a god, now he’s beginning to portray what is prophesied of him by the prophet Isaiah, that although he bragged and exhorted himself above the God of heaven, how now he’s a failed chief of evil quite stripped of all rank, mocked embarrassed and damned.” “Just a few days ago, before we knew anything about this Elenin, May and I discussed the timing of this war in heaven, how we wondered whether or not it would be before the great gathering of saints.” “The reason May and I considered this because she said she couldn’t see Satan in those places not trying to interfere with the Christ Lord bringing the redeem up to heaven, as he tried to intervene in like manner before.” “You mean Desrek like what is being portrayed behind the twelfth chapter, how Satan is to come after this woman’s male heir, (Jesus, Israel, the tribulation saints), yeah, where did, I swear I just saw an image of it in my head and tried to put it into words.” “How if after so many millenniums the great gathering of saints is only months, or perhaps a year off Satan’s high places would have to be dealt with first.” “The church bride as promised being caught up to heaven, Satan and his subordinate ones instead being cast down to earth, I don’t think people have sit still long enough to imagine, just as if this Elenin have it’s perfect work uprooting and killing millions, they haven’t considered just what kind of world this will then be.” “They say this thing, this Elenin interfering with the planets magnetic field with attempt to completely polarize it date back to 2004, time I read this I was reminded of May’s testimonial.” “This is the very year the archangel Gabriel appeared to her, forewarning her, even us Sole, Hain how the fulfillment of all things was upon mankind, even the Christ Lord himself, lifting his hands to glory and swearing by God in heaven, how when the seventh angel begin to sound all mysteries, (prophesies), all biblical things will be finished.” “the seventh angel, yeah, the same one Gabriel made reference to, yeah, the same one, how jaw-dropping is that huh?” “Yeah well suppose this war in heaven you guys spoke of had just happen, and Gabriel appearing to May was like this astronomical forewarning how things would be now be changed forever, unto a that new heaven and new earth?” “This truly is the end of mankind’s Kingdom huh, this one world system that has worried, deceived and bedazzled God’s people in manners and percepts literally indescribable and now after hundreds of years of man and politics an end.” “May predicted it, December 18th 2010, that this very date with the exception of the antichrist reign would make the end of nation building she called it, that all nations were being called upon to bring an end to sin, (rebellion against God, and His Christ), and anoint the most Holy, ringing in everlasting righteousness.”
“Doesn’t that mean from this day forward we can’t believe nothing we see, or hear, or what we’re told by man except it’s according to the righteousness or prophecies of God, because everything else is more so a thieving lie?” “I doubt Hain very seriously, flesh and blood just revealed that to you, I mean we never could believe man, all his ways, will, as vanity upon vanity, but that’s even more so now that fulfillment is upon us, now that Satan see his time hath come.” “I guess now we don’t have to wonder what those lyrics playing over and over in my head a week or so ago meant now?” “O Dear what can the matter be, O dear what can the matter, yeah, yeah and you was positive it was in reference to a planetary body, now remarkably we know what that planetary body is.” “Look did Dexter here tell you how he first heard about Elenin?” “Go, on tell him, I was doing a search on Pedophile priest, the name Elenin popped up, I automatically thought it was the name of a recent priest in trouble.” ‘The article was the Vatican historically summoning all archbishops to Rome so they could discuss this Elenin, this again what I thought was a perverted priest.” “Wow that is amazing, well the wife, Andre, don’t want to hear about it, which is strange, she’s normally more open to these things,” “I mean it all the more verify these mass exodus into the African continent, the African Juttah, it’s like suddenly it has all become too real.” “That’s it Hain man, Kassel feel the same way, I mean we’ve been talking about, and giving forewarning relentlessly especially in the last year about all these pending dangers from heaven, and now as you say, it’s just a little too real for comfort.” ‘With all that is cataclysmic about to happen will the African Juttah be safe?” “Don’t forget Hain, if every time we regard Elenin, we regard the great gathering of saints, then all places on this earth would fulfill their purpose at releasing us all upon this Holy Lord call, Come Unto Me!”

-That you be aware, that you be born again, that you know an Apostle of Jesus Christ is among you. As to pluck Ambers/Embers from the burning, take heed that no man deceive you, Apb, The Rising Above Ministry, The RAM


-Seen to be looking into a Red Alert, a red alert that’s spreading across the land, A Voice Declaring: Volcano, dangers and disasters surrounding Volcanoes’ frightfully on the map 07/19/2011

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Big June

-A Voice Declaring: “Big JUNE!” the rise of the anti-Christ, unto the first resurrection saints on the map 05/02/2011 (see 1970, Elvis Presley, invasions on American soil)

May Trials

A Voice Declaring: “May Trials,” the fall of peace and safety continually on the map 03/04/2010
A Voice Declaring: May trials, the number 17, 05/11/2011, my 17th prophecy link of 1998 was a dream about war on American soil, an enemy of Arab descent, A Voice declaring: “”Warsaw,” (see Sept 11th attacks, Warsaw Poland)
A Voice Declaring: “Number 17 and 18, 05/27/2011, my 18th prophecy link 1998 was a dream about war on American Soil, an enemy of Asian descent, an Asian invasion,
Seen to be seeing war on American soil, A Voice Declaring: “Epidemic,” my nineteenth prophecy link, 09/21/1998 (see outbreak, even outbreaks of wars).

Light (righteousness) hath come, but men loved darkness (unrighteousness more than light for their deeds (lifestyles) are evil...JCON See Jn. 3:19

I Beheld the transgressor and was grieved because he kept not thy word Ps. 119:158

For Salvation Pray: I’m sorry Lord God, forgive me for my sins, wash me and cleanse me and then, by Jesus Christ receive me into thy glory again.

Listening To: John Starnes: When He Was On The Cross

Hurry Lord Christ, Prince Of Peace, And Get Us The Victory

Except The Lord Builds The House Psalm 127:1

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